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Immune boost

FECO Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has established since 2012 Dec at Taipei, Taiwan, nearby Taipei 101. We are skillful, experiment on herbal/Traditional Medicine Alternative daily food supplement. All products are focus on cardiovascular circulation and lymph circulation system to prevent chronic diseases occurred, such as diabetes, stroke, pain, allergy, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obesity, gout via our firmly JCBesser Biomedicine RD team. We provide people who easily control themselves, a total solution, in life via cells healthy with diet control daily. An herbal/medicine edible type give us multiple phytochemical nutrition, such as the phenol, terpene, violate oil, flavonoids, iso-flanones, resin, lignan, alkaloid, and saponins etc. Those results come from our researcher study with the evidence-base report on clinical and animal test for people known more about food inadequate. We monitor and have GMP food/medicine/cosmetic plants to produce a high quality, safe, and valuable goods for you. Our RD team also provide a ODM/OEM design, development and production of any kinds of packaging matter.  If you are interested in any of our products, let's talk more.

Dr. Huiju Chen
Homo sapien